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Window Washing Los Angeles

Hydro Pressure Washing stands tall above our competitors. What sets us apart is our immaculate 4 stage water treatment technique in addition to using only purified water, which is far more efficient than water from the tap. Using purified water is also an eco-friendly method that leaves your windows spotless after a deep cleaning. After we’re done cleaning your windows, you could eat your Sunday breakfast off of them.

Cleaning windows can be time consuming, and, depending on how large the property is, it can even be dangerous. It makes sense to reach out to an experienced professional. Our service will impress even our most scrutinizing clients. One pillar that Hydro Pressure Washing rests on is providing industry leading property management services at a bargain to our customers. We’ll give your windows and your frames a makeover and we can also lend our services for cleaning atria, panelling, canopies, fascia and PVC as well.

Our innovative water treatments system employs reverse osmosis and mixed bead de-mineralizing resin to produce 100% pure, clinical-grade water. The way this system works is based on the fact that it is the natural tendency of de-mineralized water to strive to return to a state of impurity by feverishly absorbing all dirt, chemicals and minerals that stand in its path. Science! We use water-fed poles to spray this de-mineralized water onto the glass and frames of your windows. The brush effectively breaks up and loosens all of the dirt and grime which is absorbed and flushed away by a powerful stream of pure water. The 4 stage water treatment system is something we swear by. For next level window washing in Los Angeles, trust the job to Hydro Pressure Washing.

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