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Concrete Sealing Los Angeles

One aspect of your commercial property that will undergo a tremendous amount of wear and tear is your pavement and concrete. Hydro Pressure Washing offers the additional service of clear coat application and have the expertise to make sure the job gets done in the correct fashion the first time around. Concrete and paver sealer will extend the life and beauty of your flooring and pavement, adding a durable defense to foot traffic as well as the elements that you cannot control. Installing clear coat and paver sealer is one of the most cost effective decisions you’ll make for your business. It also serves as a preemptive strike against aging and the abuse that time will certainly otherwise put on your investment.

Hydro Pressure Washing is not limited to concrete and pavement. We also have an intricate and effective system for exterior wood enhancement and restoration. Refinish your aged and sun-beaten wood patio with pace-setting high tech coating advances that we employ in order to equip an exceptional durability to your exterior wood surfaces. Give your wood surfaces the ability to shine with a sparkling, glossy finish. Set your property up for successful UV protection, avoiding damaging sun rays. In addition, our wood enhancement and restoration techniques come with the added benefit of complete anti-microbial protection for the lifespan of the clear coating, which blocks mold, mildew and algae encroachment.

Hydro Pressure Washing would love nothing more than to take responsibility for the well being of your commercial or residential property. Whether you require clear coating installation for concrete slab, pavers, brick, or your wood deck, we can give your surfaces a makeover, leaving them looking new, refreshed and protected from the unseen variables down the road. Please contact us with any questions. We offer free estimates to those who are serious about the well-being of their commercial and residential properties.

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