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Solar Panel Washing Los Angeles

Hydro Power Washing offers a unique and specialized service in addition to pressure washing. We offer top notch solar panel washing in Los Angeles. We can clean your solar panels with precision, helping to maintain the efficacy to your solar panels, enhancing their functionality. Get the maximum energy from your solar panels. Protect your investment in a cost-friendly manner, without deteriorating your investment.

We use cutting edge technology like deionized reverse osmosis. We wash your windows with purified water, which acts as a magnet to dirt, sweeping all of the grime and dirty film away from your panels with water brooms. These water brooms are far more effective than squeegees. As technology and methods advance, Hydro Pressure Washing advances with them!

We’ll clean your solar panels and provide a maintenance check to ensure that they’re operating at their highest level. Our methods help eradicate buildup of dust and fallout. Neglecting scheduled cleanings can cause solar panels to drop in efficiency nearly 20-30%. Solar payback time can be as increased as much as 3-5 years on top of the original payback timeframe. Hydro Power Washing uses gentle yet effective techniques that are eco-friendly and of the highest grade. We use a spot free rinse that is easy on the environment but hard on dust, dirt and buildup. We use the same methods as we do for our glass cleaning projects, leaving your panels spotless and clean. Call Hydro Power Washing a free consultation for your solar panel washing

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