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Gum Removal Los Angeles

Let’s face it, gum is an eyesore that doesn’t just plague the bottoms of tables. Sniper wads of gum riddle sidewalks and parking lots, especially those outside of establishments that have a good deal of foot traffic. We’ve all stepped in it at one point or another. Some of us have even had the misfortune of getting it stuck in our hair. A new pair of shoes and a bad haircut later, gum is still a nuisance to humanity. It’s especially a nuisance to business owners. At Hydro Pressure Washing we hate gum. The concept of gum is completely absurd to us, this powdery sugar stick that runs out of flavor in minutes that people chew on endlessly until they finally decide to unload it the first place they see. Call Hydro Pressure Washing for gum removal in Los Angeles and we’ll take immediate action on your behalf.

Gum, once on a sidewalk or paver, becomes a sponge for dirt, which eventually results in this nebulous black wad that defaces the streets of our city. Thankfully, Hydro Pressure Washing serves as a defense to root out these troublesome entities. Despite many myths about properly getting rid of gum and gum stains on sidewalks, concrete and brick, we know that it takes a hot water pressure unit to effectively remove gum and its remnants from a surface. We use commercial and industrial grade pressure washing equipment that is without peer. High volumes of hot water at extremely high pressure attack and disband any gum that lingers on the exterior surfaces of your commercial property.

Hydro Pressure Washing has the best interests of your business in mind. We offer cost-effective gum removal in Los Angeles. Don’t give off a negative impression before your clients and customers even step foot through your door. Gum doesn’t have to be a permanent problem that you’re forced to live with. You have options, but there really is only one choice. That choice is Hydro Pressure Washing. Call us today for a free consultation and demonstration.

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