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Certified Anti Bacterial Cleaning

Environmental cleaning and disinfecting of surfaces is a critical component in the prevention of infections. Surfaces form part of the environmental reservoir that are highly susceptible to contamination from many different dangerous pathogens.

Three approaches exist for routine disinfection of hard, nonporous surfaces in patient rooms:
1) chemical disinfection with manual cleaning; 2) using “self-disinfecting” surfaces that are impregnated or coated with metals such as copper, silver and germicides; and 3) no-touch technology such as ultraviolet light (UV-C) or fogging with hydrogen peroxide vapor or mist.

Stage 1. Stage one of the programs is determining what chemicals will be used to clean and disinfect the various surfaces in the environment. Disinfectants that are to be used in the health care setting must be registered with the Environmental Protection Agency for that use. The EVS team generally performs intermediate-level disinfection and low-level disinfection functions in a commercial facility.

Portable cleanroom fogger for airflow visualization in smoke studies of clean rooms, ISO suites, sterile rooms, In 2001 portable cleanroom foggers used LN2 and deionized (DI) water to provide a dense constant fog output. Ultrapure foggers include adjustable airflow control, adjustable fog volume and use of ultrasonic transducers produce a pure fog for airflow visualization of turbulence in fume hoods ISO suites, sterile rooms offices classrooms and commercial buildings that have high traffic to balance airflow between rooms and doors. By using only DI water, sterile water or WFI water to produce pure fog or dry fog. Dry Fogger is designed to sterilize molds, yeast, viruses, envelope viruses such as original coronavirus, fungi and bacteria in small to large areas such as medical rooms.

With the recent worldwide concern of the Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic, Hydro Pressure Washing has been working hard to fulfil the needs of our clients to protect their employees and customers. By using sterilant fog which evaporates to cover open areas to effectively kill bio-organisms. The COVID-19 coronavirus is one such envelope virus that the CRF4-S and proprietary sterilant can be used against.

The fog evaporates to a sterilant vapor that can cover open areas of interest, on tables, under computers, on walls, ceilings, light fixtures, etc., with the purpose of killing the unwanted bio-organisms. Killing unwanted spores, envelope viruses, molds, fungus can be achieved using a Minncare sterilant to protect and sanitize medical rooms, sterile rooms, business offices, most working areas and industrial areas. The CRF4-S is especially useful to combat viruses such as the coronavirus COVID-19. The CRF4-S The solution of sterilant mixed into DI Water, WFI water. Sterile water or tap water to produce the sterilant fog.

Sterilizing Areas for Your Employees, or as a SERVICE to Your Classrooms has now become a vital health concern for the safety of your faculty your facility and students.

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